Trade ATF Review – can it be trusted?

Trade ATF Review – can it be trusted?

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Forex trading is one of the most popular forms of financial exchange in the industry. In fact, traders prefer this market more than other markets, be it stocks, commodities,  or cryptocurrencies, hence trillions of dollars of traded volume of foreign currencies.

It goes without saying that the reason why people get into this business is to earn a profit. But there are many cases when trades go against the traders and they start losing money. On top of that, this process can be made even worse by a fraudulent broker with faulty offerings and promotions.

Due to the internet’s massive adoption scale, it’s much easier to set up an online brokerage with more or less appealing conditions. Such brokerages with lots of grey areas in their services abound the online sphere.

However, it doesn’t mean that credible brokerages do not exist. Far from that, actually. In today’s Trade ATF review, we’re going to test out this theory of ours and see whether this broker is as credible as it looks or it’s just a facade. So, let’s jump right to it.

The platform in a glimpse

Trade ATF is a pretty new and emerging brokerage, established in 2018 in Cyprus. Because of the location, the broker has a CySEC license from the country’s main financial regulator. We’ll explain what this license means and how credible it really is down below.

The website

As for the website, it looks fairly sleek and modern-looking: there aren’t too many complicated visuals and effects; everything is set to guide visitors towards the main information regarding the broker itself, as well as trading terms and conditions.

The account separation is also spot-on. There are three live accounts, as well as one demo account, ready to serve every type of trader with varying experience levels. Therefore, both beginners and experienced traders can easily find what they’re looking for on the website.

When it comes to trading software, the Trade ATF MT4 (MetaTrader) is ready to take any order from traders, show any chart, and open any position without a lag. Not only that, MetaTrader 5 is also in works and will be ready shortly.

Trade ATF promotions

Moving on, let’s see what the broker offers in terms of trading. On the website, traders can find hundreds of different securities, ranging from Forex pairs all the way to the ETFs and CFDs. Such diversity in the assets makes Trade ATF an all-in-one platform with something interesting for every trader.

Accompanying those assets, we have leverage that ramps up to 1:300. The leverage of this amount is not over-the-top and doesn’t go far above the market average, yet it’s still a really good offer for many traders.

Now, one of the main downsides of this broker is its payment platforms. Even though we’ll take a look at this aspect in more detail further down below, let’s still list the supported platforms: credit cards, bank wire, and some e-wallets. While they’re not too bad, it would be much better to have more diversity in this sense.

The license

Lastly, let’s talk about the license. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the broker was registered in Cyprus and got the license from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). While many people doubt the credibility of this license and claim that the Trade ATF scam is real, we think the opposite scenario is true.

We’ll discuss this issue in the last chapter of this review but for now, let’s just say that the CySEC license seems pretty legit to us.

So, Trade ATF made a pretty decent overall impression on us. Let’s dive deeper into this review and see whether we’re wrong in our assumptions or not.

The review

Let’s begin with the website and software support. The first thing that jumps out right away is the simplicity of the interface. The website feels very modern; there aren’t many complicated visual effects that can divert visitors’ attention from the most important thing – to get information about the broker.

And for the informative side itself, we have nothing bad to say about it. Not only does the website contain all the thematic sections about trading assets, accounts, or banking methods, but it also has an educational section. In it, beginner traders can expand their knowledge in various terms and tools, what they are and how they work.

Then there are trading accounts. As noted earlier, Trade ATF has three live accounts: Basic, Standard, and Premium. All of these accounts have some similarities, as well as differences. One of the main differences between them is the amount of minimum deposit requirement. Not only that, there are various tools like trading advisors, SMS notifications, and others that become available for higher levels.

But the Trade ATF Forex broker also offers a demo account. Basically, the demo account is similar to the live accounts in almost every way: it uses the same charts, market indicators, or tools. However, one major difference is that traders don’t need to deposit the actual money or open real positions; trading happens virtually and therefore, there are no losses or profits.

Last, but not least, trading software. Trade ATF is no exception in this case and doesn’t differ from other brokers: it uses the most popular MetaTrader 4 software that has been around for almost 15 years. Traders find this software a lot easy to understand than its newer version, MT5, or cTrader. But this doesn’t stop the broker to work on MT5, which will be available in the near future.

All in all, the website and software review makes it clear that the broker thought through every important aspect and didn’t leave any loophole in it.

How legit are the trading offerings?

As far as trading itself is concerned, we also think that the broker has put a lot of effort into polishing this section. As we’ve mentioned earlier, Trade ATF offers hundreds of Forex pairs, as well as commodities, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and even ETFs. What this means is that traders can choose whatever trading asset they want and start trading right away. And the MT4 software will not let them down either.

Such a diverse asset collection also comes with exciting offerings. The leverage is what we have in mind here. This feature allows traders to increase their positions quite a bit and buy more assets. In this case, the fact that the broker offers a 1:300 leverage ratio further improves our Trade ATF opinion.

With the leverage at 1:300, traders can increase their positions three hundred times, making profits, but also losses, three hundred times larger. For this reason, it is crucial that traders use this feature very carefully. But then again, trading is also a very dangerous endeavor and being careful is never a bad idea.

Even though we’ve been gushing around the broker so far, we shouldn’t be too blind to mention some of its drawbacks. For example, we think that the payment platforms are little too dull and could be much better. Currently, the broker only supports credit cards, bank wire, and e-wallet payments, and while e-wallets aren’t too obsolete, they’re still pretty unknown (Skrill, Neteller) compared to the e-wallet giant PayPal.

We’d be more excited and content if there were cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum among those platforms, as well as the above-mentioned PayPal. Not only would they introduce diversity, but they’d also bring more security and convenience to the payments.

Another factor that we think is a bit of a bummer is the fact that the Basic account has a minimum deposit requirement of $500. Many beginner traders would find this sum very expensive and would refrain from live trading altogether. And even though there is a demo account for the beginners, some people prefer to have their money at stake to better understand the way trading works. But $500 is quite a lot for them.

However, these two factors aren’t enough to prove the legitimacy of Trade ATF fraud claims. We nonetheless believe that the broker is as legit as it gets, and to demonstrate it, let’s get to the final part of our review – the licensing.

Can Trade ATF be trusted for the license?

Trade ATF is a Cyprus-based broker that has a CySEC license (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Many people claim that the Cyprus license isn’t legit and the broker uses it to cover up some grey areas on its platform. While we can certainly understand their way of thinking, we don’t necessarily agree with this statement.

CySEC license is an EU-backed legislative piece that allows any entity to operate in the EU countries. And if there’s one thing true about this organization, it’s that the regulations strictly monitor any kind of financial activity in its borders. We find it extremely unlikely that any broker operating in those countries can engage in suspicious activities and not be punished for it.

Now, even though the broker cannot provide service to US citizens, it still doesn’t mean that the Trade ATF scam is real. The US has a very strict regulatory policy and lots of credible brokers cannot operate on its territory. Besides, the Americans aren’t very into Forex trading anyway, therefore, it’s not a good prospect for Forex brokerages.

Should you trade with Trade ATF?

So, what did we learn from this review? The website review revealed that it has a professionally-designed interface that doesn’t sacrifice its informative side either. The broker also offers educational content that is professionally written and designed.

The account separation is also pretty spot-on and offers trading opportunities to everyone who’s interested in Forex, commodities, or other securities. There’s even a demo account for the most inexperienced traders.

Then we reviewed the trading offerings and came across hundreds of different assets ranging from Forex pairs to CFDs and ETFs. These assets also come with a 1:300 leverage that multiplies the initial deposits by 300.

We also found some d0wnsides such as the lack of diversity in payment platforms and a large minimum deposit requirement. But our Trade ATF rating certainly wasn’t damaged by those aspects as the benefits are far more defined.

Finally, we examined the CySEC license and concluded that the broker is as legit and any other credible broker in the field.

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