IMGFX Broker Review – Can You Trust This Company?

IMGFX Broker Review – Can You Trust This Company?

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IMGFX broker, also known as “The People’s Broker”, was established in 2015 and it has offered tremendous possibilities to every trader ever since. Are you tired of manipulation, low-quality customer service, limits for withdrawals, or slippage? Then IMGFX is ready to furnish you with exceptional services even if you are willing to partner with them for a long period of time. Here, you will be able to carry out deposits and withdrawals in a split second and enjoy an ECN trading environment as well as high-class customer service. Hence, if you are looking for a reliable broker to trade your funds, then IMGFX is an excellent destination for you! 

IMGFX includes a wide range of services and allows every visitor to trade in CFDs, Forex, indices, stocks, metals, and cryptocurrencies. As for the trading platform, you will have the chance to use MT4 here. MetaTrader 4 is the most popular software utilized for trading and it comes as no surprise why IMGFX has chosen to implement this one. While being the most suitable platform to perform every essential procedure, Meta 4 is also constructed with an easy-to-understand interface that will facilitate the trading process for every newbie. 

Account Types

When it comes to the trading account types, you will run into three options on the IMGFX website – Classic, Trader, and Custom. Although classic and trade accounts include relatively same characteristics, the custom account is also a premium one that offers way more opportunities to traders. The minimum possible deposit you can provide for classic and trader accounts is 50$ which is considered a pretty decent amount. However, we have to note that there is absolutely zero commission needed for the classic one and you have to pay as little as 8$ commission for a trader account. 

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According to the website, the custom account includes 10.000$ as the minimum deposit but it can be minimized based on the negotiations between the broker and the trader. The amount of commission is customized for this one, and one thing worth noting is that all the account types feature 1:500 as maximum leverage. Moreover, you have a wide range of options when it comes to the payment methods since IMGFX supports the following currencies – EUR, USD, GBP, and Bitcoin. As we have mentioned above, every payment is processed within seconds here and fees are extremely minimized. You have the possibility to withdraw as low as 0.005 BTC with a fee of 1% on Bitcoin withdrawal. 

One more beneficial quality of IMGFX is that it allows customers to try out a demo account first before providing money in the live account. This is especially advantageous for beginners in this field since they will have a chance to get familiar with the working mechanism of this platform for free. As soon as you make a demo account here, you will be able to test every service IMGFX provides, and as a result, you will learn how to trade while working with the broker. So, this is a perfect opportunity for every newcomer to acquire every necessary information regarding trading! 

Trading Software

Now we want to talk about the MetaTrader 4 software provided on this platform. As we have already noted, it is pretty simple to use this software since all the necessary buttons and information is available there. You will see the buttons intended for charting options on the top side of the program and they include various colors, time frames, and several charts to choose from. As for the left side, you will encounter a menu of Forex currency pairs which are featured along with the bid price, whereas the bottom part contains a navigator that helps you to reach your trading accounts, scripts, indicators, and expert advisors. 

The most important part is in the middle of this software as it displays the chart containing different numbers according to the trader’s requirements and the fact that the price may fluctuate over a certain period of time. MetaTrader 4 allows you to evaluate the spread of charts consisting of specific currency pairs with the help of the bid price. By doing so, you will be informed whether the spread is beneficial for you or not, and as a result, the profit will be tremendous in the long run! 

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On the flip side, some traders might be slightly worried since as we have mentioned above, the minimum leverage for every IMGFX account is 1:500 which is an extremely high number. This fact is concerning for traders due to various reasons but mainly because high leverage means that you will either win huge amounts or experience an enormous financial loss. So, some newbies might be excited to try out such high leverage in the hopes of getting rich quickly, but we want to highlight that it comes with considerable risks as well. By looking at statistics, a substantial amount of traders face a financial loss when trading with such high leverage, so we would not recommend beginners to dive into it too deeply. 

Apart from the characteristics mentioned above, we want to point out that MetaTrader 4 is also able to provide the following perks – trading signals, the code base containing custom scripts, VPS, the app market, and several others. Traders have the possibility to predict the path of exchange rates in the future with the help of the technical analysis indicators such as moving averages, Fibonacci retracement, Bollinger bands, and so forth. This process will help you to examine your profits and make benefits in the long run.

Partnership Program

What’s more, IMGFX includes pretty attractive partnership programs and it allows every user to become a PAMM Manager in case they have a successful trading strategy. You need to promote this platform by sharing it with your friends and you will receive commissions in return. Also, you will be eligible for weekly payouts directly into your partner account and the robust IB portal will be available in order to give you full transparency here. The payout structure will be modified according to your requirements and you will have the opportunity to track your volume, network, commissions, and so on!

Customer Support & Educational Material

24/7 customer support will be available to you if you decide to go for an IMGFX broker. Customers can go for the live chat option and ask their questions regarding the account types, trading process, payment options, and basically everything that is connected to their experience on the website. You can get your answers instantly and comfortably continue trading more than 200 Forex pairs, stocks, commodities, cryptos, etc.

The website also is home to many educational blogs that are related to beginner Forex traders, CFD trading, successful trading tips, and many more. IMGFX also owns a separate youtube channel where you can follow the market news and make informed decisions based on the latest trends.

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