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Terms and Conditions of Insidetrade

Terms and conditions listed below describe how insiderade.co offers access to www.insidetrade.co, its

related country specific sites and the services to the customers.

If you wish not to accept the Terms and Conditions that www.insiderade.co has put forward, you may

not use the Site and related services. When you accept the terms and conditions, you agree that you

agree to them that you understand that insiderade.co may discontinue or restrict your access to the site

without notice.

Legal Restrictions

You should understand that laws about the financial contracts show variations all around the world. It is,

therefore your sole obligation that you comply with any law or regulation that is applicable to your

country with regards to the use of www.insidetrade.com. If you get the access to our website, it does

not mean that our services and your activities through the Site are in accordance with the laws or

regulations that are applicable to your country of residence.

Limited License

Insiderade.co grants you a non-transferable, nonexclusive and a limited personal license to use the Site.

This License is redeemable as long as you fully comply with these Terms and Conditions. Agreeing to the

terms and conditions, you agree not to resell or permit any access to the Site to others, not to copy any

material that appears on the Site for resale or any other purpose without a written consent of

insiderade.co. In case you use the Site in a y unauthorized manner, you shall be responsible for the

consequences. You agree over not using any feature for electronic communication feature on the Site

for any unlawful, abusive, tortious purpose or for intrusion of someone else’s privacy, for harassing,

embarrassing, defamatory, obscene and hateful or threatening purpose. You agree over insiderade.co

sole discretion and are aware that www.insidetrade.com may terminate your access to any or all of the

services with or without any notice.

Market Information

Insiderade.co makes a broad range of financial information available through one or more of its services

that is obtained from agents, partners or vendors that are Third Party Providers or is generated

internally. This includes, financial market data, news, quotes, analyst opinions, graphs and data and

research reports. Market Information that is provided on the Site is not be taken as investment advice.

Use & Access to the Site

You shall be responsible for the means by which you are accessing the Site. This may include your

personal computer or your mobile device, any connectivity hardware, and telecommunication lines. You

shall also be responsible for all service and access fee that is necessary to connect you to the Site. You

assume all the risks that are associated with the use and storage of any information on your personal

computer or on other devices through which you gain access to the Site and its services. You agree that

in any event of failure or damage to your system, records or data or in case of delay, errors, losses or

omissions insiderade.co will not be liable in any way.

Rights of the Company

Insiderade.co reserves all the right to suspend operation of www.insidetarde.com or any part of it at any

time. In that case, no claims would be entertained against the Company.

Technical Problems

You understand that technical problems may delay or prevent you from accessing the Site. Insiderade.co

shall not be liable for such a delay. You agree that you will not hold or seek to hold insiderade.co liable

for any technical problems, communication line failures, system failures and malfunctions, equipment or

software failures or malfunctions, system capacity issues, system access issues, high Internet traffic

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