by Martin on October 16, 2018

Blockpass and DSTOQ are now partners

Cryptocurrencies have been demanded on a global scale for a long time now. However, sometimes it is impossible to provide that service when you don’t have all of the features for the process. Therefore two companies by the name of Blockpass and DSTOQ have teamed up to tackle the whole issue of token trading on a global scale, more specifically they want to create a compliant security and equity trading platforms for tokens.

Who are these companies?

DSTOQ is a peer-to-peer security token trading platform and Blockpass specializes in a data-secure system of identity verification. With the joint goal and joint technologies, the venture of a reliable global token trading platform becomes a lot more realistic. DSTOQ is also a licensed stock exchange. This means that the token that it offers to its customers, DSQ toke, can be used to trade a lot of the assets they feature on their app. for example tokenized stocks, bonds, commodities and other assets that you’ve heard about. With the help of Blockpass they will be able to create a lot more secure and reliable platform which will enable the customers to access their assets through identity verification. The access process will become a lot easier for DSTOQ’s customers which will initially boost the revenue as well as more and more trades will start flooding the platform.

The security token industry is very important to do both DSTOQ and Blockpass. therefore it was crucial to them that they partnered up. Blockpass would provide the security and DSTOQ would provide the large customer base. They have already talked about their plans to push the whole industry in a new age of technology and make the legally compliant solutions that everybody is looking for. Their main goal is to give the opportunity to customers wherever they may be.

What’s next?

Along with Cryptocurrency, Tokens are becoming very popular. Their biggest users are companies who like to tie their tokens to their brands and popularize them. With tokens, they are able to service a lot more people all around the world than they would with Fiat currencies. The partnership is already in motion for the two companies. The Blockpass system has already been implemented on the platform and the KYC plans are already in motion to find the perfect customer base.

By Martin

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