EuroStandarte Review – Is This Broker Worth Your Attention?

EuroStandarte Review – Is This Broker Worth Your Attention?

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EuroStandarte Forex Broker claims to be a financial trading platform that gives its customers different investment opportunities. In order to find out whether they are trustworthy or not, we decided to do a little research. The first and the most important aspect of any online financial platform is whether it is regulated or not. Unfortunately, the main webpage of EuroStandarte does not give any valuable information about licenses, which is already a bad sign. Hiding such information can only be influenced by one fact, which is that they do not hold a decent license and therefore, are not regulated by any financial authorities to provide customers with financial activities. This may result in some inconveniences, for instance, if a company steals your money, they will not face any negative legal consequences, and you are the one who suffers money loss.

The website does not also offer any information about leverages, which is quite strange because this is valuable information that may influence the customer’s decision-making process. This leads us to believe that either the leverage ratio is very high, or they simply are scammers. The more bad news is that we could not find anything about spreads as well, the only thing mentioned by the EuroStandarde FX Brokerage is that they have “tight” spreads, which does not tell anything helpful to us.

EuroStandarte seems to be using MetaTrader 4, which is can be considered a good sign because this platform is quite common and popular among other reputable brokers in the industry. Currently, customers have to make a minimum deposit of $250 in order to start trading. As for bonuses, the website mentions that they may offer newcomers attractive reward features, including welcome bonuses, however, at this moment we were not able to discover any. One can make 5 different types of accounts including Basic, Standard, Business, Premium, and VIP. With these accounts, you are able to open positions using cryptos, stocks, commodities, futures, and other assets.

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Is EuroStandarte Legit?

No, we can not say that EuroStandarte is legit, due to the fact that they do not have a reliable license. They claim to be owned by a Polish investment company that is called Euro Corp sp. Zoo. Considering the fact that this company operates in Poland, it should be licensed either by KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority), or CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Unfortunately, the company is not regulated by any of them, and their services are considered illegal – meaning that trusting them with your money might not be the best idea.

EuroStandarte Review – Trading Features

In order to find out if this company deserves another chance, we decided to provide you with more detailed trading features in this EuroStandarte review, so you can make a better decision considering all the important things.

Spreads & Leverage

As we already mentioned earlier in this review, the website does not offer its customers one of the most valuable information that can indicate whether it is risky or not to trade on this platform. Hiding such information is a bad sign, as it can be influenced by two main things. The first is that either spreads and leverage are very high and providing you with such information might change your decision, or the company is simply fraudulent and wants to steal your money. It is up to you to decide which is the case, however, we do not advise you to trust EuroStandarte with your financial assets.

Account Types

It is possible to open 5 different kinds of accounts including Basic, Standard, Business, Premium, and VIP. Each of them comes with different specifics and requirements, while some may have benefits over others. For instance, if you decide to sign up for a Premium account, you will be able to get an assigned financial analyst, weekly market review, live trading sessions, and investment portfolio creation. However, considering all the other things, we highly doubt that this information is correct.

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Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit requirement is set to $250 for a basic account, which is not very attractive compared to the industry’s average (it is somewhere between 50 and 100 dollars). It is clear to see that this amount is excessive, you can definitely find other Forex brokers that might offer lower deposit requirements. For VIP account, this indicator goes up to $250000, and to put it in a few words, this is a crazy amount for a platform that is not even licensed.


Bonuses might be very valuable while dealing with such platforms as they give you the ability to add extra value to your current bankroll. Eurostandarte mentions that they may offer welcome bonuses and other valuable rewards to newcomers as well as existing customers from time to time, however, currently, we were not able to find any, which is another minus.

All in all, there is not enough information on the website to evaluate whether they correlate with the industry’s average or not. However, the piece of information we were able to find, does not look very attractive either – meaning that the minimum deposit is high and there are no available bonus offers.

EuroStandarte – Final Verdict

Finally, we would not recommend this platform to our readers due to several important reasons. The most obvious one is not holding a license. Whatever qualities a website might offer you, it is not worth your time if you are not sure that the money you trust them with is in safe hands. Not being regulated already means that there is a high risk of losing your financial assets. There might be some good qualities, such as using MetaTrader 4 and having different kinds of accounts, but this alone is not even close to enough when there are a lot of other reputable brands available on the market.

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