EXXI Capital Forex broker review

EXXI Capital Forex broker review

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EXXI Capital Forex broker is a newly established brokerage that has just appeared on the Forex trading market. As the broker claims it offers over 94 trading instruments from various trading assets including currency pairs, CFDs on Stocks, index, metal, energy, and cryptocurrency pairs. The broker claims to be the favorite broker in Latin America. Generally, EXXI Capital has a lot of claims on the website, such as having fair prices, a great variety of trading instruments, having an easy and comfortable system and high-quality service. This EXXI Capital review will go through the features and services of the broker to see if it is legit or just another scam.

EXXI Capital scam

Is EXXI Capital legit?

EXXI Capital provides information about its regulations in a very complicated way. The information is about regulation scattered on the front page and on the page for frequently asked questions. This is a little summary of the broker’s regulations.

The logo on the front page of the website tells us that EXXI Capital FX brokerage is a holding by EXISTE INVESTMENT. There is no more information given about this company. The information claims that EXXI Capital is representative of Forex Direct Diler with operations in New-York, The United States. According to the webpage, the broker has a strategic partner in Mauritius called Exxi Mauritius Ltd which is regulated by the Financial Services Commission. Also according to it, it has a has company in Malta registered with the name Exxi-Malta Limited, which is regulated by the financial authority of Malta (MFSA.) As broker claims, the company is authorized to provide cross-border services in Europe, more precisely in the European Economic Area. There is also an indication to see FCA EEA Authorization but there is no link to see it.

Probably, this information will make many traders confused and ensure that EXXI Capital is a legit company, this is exactly why this information is put on the website. The information about the other companies that are regulated does not help you as a customer of EXXI Capital in any way. In reality, the broker does not say anything about its own regulation. Meaning that the broker itself is not regulated by any financial authority, there is no license number on the website that would make EXXI Capital legit.

Moreover,  the broker says that headquarters is in Malta, however, this information is about EXXI-Malta Limited. As for the broker itself, it is operating from Lima, Peru. This whole confusing details about regulations state nothing more than the fact that EXXI Capital scam can be possible, and the broker is not legit.

Exxicapital.com review

The website of the broker can be viewed in Spanish only, meaning that the broker is targeting the residents of Latin America. At first glance, the website looks fine, it does not have a great design, but at the same time, it is not the worst we have ever seen. This is the first and only compliment I can give to the EXXI Capital. The website does not work properly and there is very little information. The navigation bar showcases Real and demo account, that directs you to the registration form. There is “My account” button that directs to the trading account, “Retreat” that takes you to the registration form again, and page for depositing the money.

I was not able to find out much when making Exxicapital.com review for a simple reason, there is no information and links to the important pages redirect to the main page again. For example, one cannot find the information about trading accounts, trading instruments, there is no PDF file for the policy and for the terms and conditions.

The broker has buttons that show the social media pages and redirects to them. EXXI Capital has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and youtube accounts. According to the Facebook account, the page was created in January 2019. The same can be said about the other pages, as there are very few followers, for example, Youtube account has one subscriber only.  The Twitter account of the broker is closed as it was suspended by Twitter. All of the other social media pages are in Spanish only. This indicates that the brokerage was established in 2019, five-month is a really short period for the brokerage to be “the most favorite” meaning that the broker simply lies about it, that lowers the EXXI Capital rating.

EXXI Capital fraud

EXXI Capital features

These are the only information one can get about EXXI Capital. The broker has the minimum deposit of 200 USD, which is a little bit high than average what the other brokers are offering. The leverage offered is as high as 1:1000, it is very high leverage that might work only for several traders. Others will only lose more while using this high leverage.

There is no information regarding EXXI Capital withdrawal, I assume you would agree that this is one of the most important detail you need to know prior to opening an account with the broker. Nobody wants to make profits with the broker and understand that there is no possibility to withdraw them, or the process is artificially complicated.

EXXI Capital opinion

EXXI Capital is one of those brokers you can hardly say something positive about. The whole website and information, or absence of it point out to EXXI Capital scam. The broker is not regulated and to cover up itself brings loads of unnecessary information that is not helpful in any way. It does not provide details about the core features of any brokerage – such as the payment methods, withdrawal policy, account types and features that come with it. After all, the broker does not have terms and conditions or any other legal documents that would at least give some credibility to EXXI Capital. Since the broker is newly established there are no opinions or reviews made by the customer, maybe the broker could not lure anyone into investing with it yet.  Based on EXXI Capital review we can confidently say that it is not a broker that anyone should trade with. Hence, you will be better off to stay away from it and continue searching for a legit broker that can ensure the safety of your funds.

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