Is FXVC legit? Let’s find out

Is FXVC legit? Let’s find out

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The FXVC Forex broker is one of those rare companies that has a lot to offer and does everything it promises to do very well, and yet still manages to undersell itself. Because of this, the company is not famous for being incredibly good or very user-friendly, and this is rather unfortunate. The broker, after all, has a wide range of tradeable assets to offer to its users, great customer support, a nice design, and some great educational opportunities to offer to those who want to develop their trading skills further. This is why we are going to talk about the company today, as it is one of the few good brokers to offer crypto CFD trading out there, in addition to all the other products they have.

The FXVC page experience

When we were writing the review, we were unsure what we would end up finding when we first arrived on the page. We ended up with an interesting combination of minimalistic, information-centric design. The page does its best to be pleasant to the user, and to stay out of their way at the same time. This is a strange combination of qualities, as the result is a very informative page that is not necessarily memorable. They have only one picture, which is supposed to represent their trader and the rest of the design concentrates on being minimalistic and angular. The colors are pleasant, reminiscent of Facebook, but in no way are they imposing. The main stage on the website is taken up by the information about the broker. Information such as the type of assets they’re allowing you to trade, the background of the company and other, just as important details. The homepage makes it incredibly easy to navigate to the pages where all of the most important information on the broker is contained – their terms and conditions, their history, the analytical tools they offer to their users. These can all be found in the upper right corner navigation bar for the website, but additional information regarding trading CFDs, trading within the US and other important concepts are contained at the bottom of the homepage. Beyond that, the website also allows for easy navigation to the educational part of the website, as well as the page dedicating to the trading platform of the broker.

Overall, the design of the platform, the way it is presented to the user and the lack of extra flair is both a positive and a negative. It allows the client to concentrate on what they are doing, ignore the distractions and get where they are going with ease, but it also results in the users who visit it for the first time not being too impressed by the page. This means that the brokers do not end up with as many users as they deserve and as a result, the page is undervalued. This is why we are not going to let the page affect the final FXVC rating we plan on giving to it.

The FXVC trade experience

The trading experience you are going to have with FXVC is going to be defined by the kind of account you end up setting up. Yes, the broker has several different accounts that are entirely dependent on the amount you deposit with the broker. The account types are basic, silver, gold, platinum and VIP. Each has a minimum deposit of five hundred, five thousand, ten thousand, twenty-five thousand and one hundred thousand Euros respectively. Each successively higher level of an account comes with additional features, which enhance the trading experience of the clients. Some might find this a bit annoying, but it is not actually a bad thing to have a tiered system like this. Having people deposit only that which they are comfortable with spending and locking them out of higher tiers, allows the traders to remain safe in their trades. They won’t be able to risk any more than they can afford to and, as a result, they won’t be losing huge sums of money. While those who trade successfully receive additional tools and higher investment opportunities to play around with.

Beyond just the trader levels, the broker offers their clients four kinds of assets to work with. Crypto CFDs, traditional asset CFDs, Forex and miscellaneous assets. This allows the traders that work with the platform a level of diversification of their assets that are not available with many brokers around the world. Such diversification of assets also permits the traders who work with the FSVC FX brokerage to hedge against the risks they face with more volatile assets (such as crypto CFDs) and be protected against the danger of losing large amounts of capital because of one bad trade. This is a commendable feature for a broker and one to be emulated by other brokers wishing to have a successful trader base.

Some traders might be concerned with the absence of an FXVC MT4 platform, or any platform beyond the one they already have, but that is not something to worry about. The web browser-based trading platform that the broker offers to their users is outstanding in its performance. The platform has a simple design and is very intuitive to use. The beginner-friendly interface allows users of any level to quickly get used to working on the market. More than that, the platform allows the trades to use four tabs that allow trading different assets individually. this means that traders will be able to switch between the tabs in order to keep tabs (pun intended) on their trading and on the market. This allows quick trading of different assets and quick reactions to any changes on the market. It is really convenient and honestly, kind of really fun.

Is FXVC trustworthy?

This is probably the most important question that a person could ask about a broker. After all, if you are giving money to someone, you would very much like to be confident in their trustworthiness. The company assures us that they are trustworthy, but they are not the ones we believe in this case. The company has an operational license that they received from CySec (Cypress Securities and Exchange Commission). CySec is one of the most trustworthy regulatory bodies out there, which is what gives us the confidence to provide the company with the kind of positive review that we are providing it with.

If that doesn’t positively satisfy your question of “is FXVC legit?”, then at least trust all of the users who have had experience working with the company. There are a large number of reviews online, which reflect on the broker very positively. Many of them talk about the ease of using the platform and the amount of profit they have made over the time of working with the company. Seeing such positive reviews is something that should definitely make you feel better about working with the company.

Let’s summarize

In the end, all we can say to finish off this review is that the company has a lot of positive aspects that should make you interested in working with them. In our FXVC opinion, there are not that many brokers out there who are able to provide such a high-quality service to their users.

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