InvestLite Review – Everything you need to know about this broker

InvestLite Review – Everything you need to know about this broker

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Getting started with Forex trading can certainly be a challenging task. You need to make sure that you’re in control of as many aspects of this activity as possible, whether it’s improving your knowledge and experience, choosing the right time to enter the market, or finding the right brokerage.

This last one is particularly difficult as there are tons of brokers whose only goal is to steal your money. But how can you make sure that your broker stays off from such fraudulent schemes?

Well, one thing you can do is conduct your own research and determine the broker’s credibility on your own. However, it can take you a lot of time and effort to actually test out dozens, or even hundreds of brokers. That’s why an alternative is to look for broker reviews online and get professional guidance from others.

In the following review of InvestLite Forex broker, our team of reviewers will help you discover all the ins and outs of this service provider. And by the end of it, you’ll find out whether InvestLite is a safe broker or a scam.

A brief look at the broker

Safety and background

As it turns out, InvestLite is a newly-established brokerage founded in 2020. But despite it being young, the company has already started generating some traction around its name. The moment it entered the foreign exchange market, it received a full-fledged license from the Belizean Forex regulator.

Tight regulatory oversight brings along a number of comprehensive fund protection mechanisms, including account segregation and customer compensation fund. All this ensures that trading with InvestLite is as secure as possible.


A decent website is integral to a quality customer experience, regardless of whether we’re talking about a Forex broker or any other company. Having realized this, InvestLite developed a pretty modern-looking website that doesn’t compromise its informativeness either.

Investlite broker review

As shown in our InvestLite review, you can find three different accounts you can create for your live trading ventures. On top of that, there’s also the option of turning them into an Islamic account, not to mention the availability of a demo account. In short, InvestLite really cares about providing you with the most flexible choices.

The website experience is further enhanced by a couple of really useful trading platforms – WebTrader and Mobile Trader. With their impressive set of features, you can open more accurate positions in the market and increase your chances of success.

Trading terms and conditions

When it comes to actually trading with InvestLite, the broker offers you a lot of beneficial trading terms and conditions that contribute to your profitability in the market.

First off, it’s worth mentioning that even though it’s a Forex broker, InvestLite also lets you trade a bunch of other instruments. As we have found during our InvestLite broker review, you can trade 6 different types of products, including stocks, indices, and even cryptos on this platform.

And even the features on these products are impressive, to say the least. Whether you take commission levels or leverage rates, InvestLite manages to deliver an experience that maximizes your potential whilst trading.

During our review, we also checked out the methods you can use to make deposits and withdrawals at InvestLite. And it’s no surprise that the broker offers a wide range of financial platforms that facilitate payments on this website, whether it’s banking methods or e-wallets.

All in all, InvestLite delivers a trading experience that matches those of the big players in this market, even though it hasn’t even been a year since it was established. Now, let’s dive deeper into our in-depth review of InvestLite Forex broker to get more detailed information about the above-mentioned offerings.

Learn more about InvestLite’s background and regulation

When looking for your Forex broker, it’s imperative to find one that excels in its safety features. Even if the trading opportunities aren’t that great, it’s still better to go with such a broker if it guarantees your financial stability during your trading sessions.

With InvestLite, however, you don’t need to compromise one over the other. You can have both safe and lucrative positions while trading with InvestLite.

Review of Investlite Forex broker

Upon establishment, InvestLite received a full-fledged license from the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) of Belize. This license is actually pretty popular among Forex brokers, although this popularity doesn’t render it completely impotent or incapable of monitoring its subjects’ activities.

The IFSC license ensures that InvestLite treats you and your funds as honestly as possible. Moreover, our InvestLite review has also revealed multiple fund protection mechanisms that help you safeguard your deposits/profits from unexpected occasions. These mechanisms include:

  • Account segregation
  • Customer compensation fund
  • Negative balance protection

All in all, it’s pretty clear that with InvestLite, we’re dealing with a trustworthy Forex broker that does care about its clients’ safety.

In-depth review

Moving on, let’s take a closer look at how InvestLite delivers its website, as well as other software elements of the overall trading platform.

When it comes to the design, we can say that looks pretty sleek and welcoming. The website has a modernistic interface that doesn’t clutter the viewing experience with unnecessary visual effects and decorations.

And, what’s more important, it’s easier to find any piece of information in this website layout. In just a single click or two, you can find more about InvestLite’s safety features, commission levels, and many other trading terms and conditions.

Trading accounts found during our in-depth InvestLite broker review are no less impressive than its other trading features. While registering on the website, you can choose the following live trading accounts:

  • Silver – 250 USD min. deposit; 1:200 leverage; 0.07 pips on min. spread.
  • Gold – 250 USD min. deposit; 1:400 leverage; 0.05 pips on min. spread.
  • Platinum – 250 USD min. deposit; 1:500 leverage; 0.03 pips on min. spread.

As you can see, you’re pretty flexible with your choice of accounts at InvestLite. Plus, the opportunities that arise when choosing one of them are also very bright, whether it’s low commission rates or high leverage. But that’s not the whole story.

We have also found out that InvestLite specifically targets its Muslim clients in one particular area: you see, when you’re doing overnight trading, you’re bound to be charged/credited an interest rate differential every next day. And any kind of interest rate is strictly prohibited in the Muslim religion.

With InvestLite, you can turn any live account into an Islamic account, which effectively eliminates overnight interest rates, i.e. swaps, and still lets you trade currencies for an extended period of time. But if you don’t have a problem with interest rate charges, you’re still getting beneficial treatment from the broker. As it turns out from our review of InvestLite Forex broker, there are 25% and 50% discounts on swaps if you go for Gold and Platinum Accounts.

Investlite review

Facilitating all of the trading sessions at InvestLite are two top-notch pieces of software: WebTrader and Mobile Trader. WebTrader was developed as a browser-based version of MetaTrader 4, which means you’re getting tons of research and analysis features with this platform, not to mention high-powered execution modes and fast speeds.

As we have discovered, InvestLite packs more than 30 different technical indicators in WebTrader, yet you can also easily download some third-party indicators from the web. What’s more, InvestLite also features a top-of-the-line encryption system that the data you exchange with your platform stays anonymous and secure all the time.

When it comes to InvestLite’s Mobile Trader, you can use it when you’re on the go but still want to do trading. It’s a fully-functional mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Our InvestLite review shows that the Mobile Trader comes with pretty much the same functionality as its desktop brother. So, whether you’re interested in technical indicators, drawing objects, stop and limit orders, or various charting mechanisms, you can definitely find all of them in InvestLite’s Mobile Trader.

Yet another website-related element we looked into is the broker’s customer support. If a broker offers a number of fast communication channels and always provides in-depth responses to the queries, you can have a much more enjoyable time trading with it.

And with InvestLite, you can be sure that this is the case. As it turns out, there are three different methods you can use to interact with the support team:

  • Live chat right from the website
  • Email support:
  • Phone call: +27108807931

On top of that, InvestLite also has an extensive FAQ section where it answers lots of trade-related questions. In short, the website experience with this broker is very beneficial for any type of trader.

What trading prospects are there at InvestLite?

The final entry into our in-depth InvestLite broker review is its trading terms and conditions. We obviously want to recommend a broker that offers good prospects in the actual trading process and lets you maximize your profit potential in the market.

And as it turns out, InvestLite does exactly that. There are more than 350 different instruments you can choose from on this platform, which include:

  • Currency pairs
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Energies
  • Metals

You can use this multitude of financial instruments to your advantage by diversifying your portfolio against unexpected market occurrences. But that’s not the only advantage coming with these assets.

As we have found out, InvestLite features very competitive commission rates, which help you retain the majority of your profits generated in the market. Our review of InvestLite Forex broker shows that instrument-related and account-maintenance fees are completely removed from the platform, whereas the bid/ask spreads go as low as 0.03 pips. Moreover, overnight swaps receive significant discounts with Gold and Platinum Accounts, as we have already discovered this above.

And when it comes to non-trading fees, InvestLite also manages to eliminate commissions on withdrawals and deposits. This way, you’re getting the exact same amount of money as you previously deposited/withdrawn. And a mere inactivity fee isn’t something that can drastically undermine your lucrativeness in your trading ventures.

Along with commissions, the leverage rates available at InvestLite also ensure that you’re having the most profitable sessions with this broker. It turns out that the maximum leverage you can get from InvestLite goes all the way up to 1:500 with the retail rate being locked at 1:200. Either of these rates is incredibly beneficial, although it’s worth noting that you have to be aware of the risks that come with increased leverage, which is much higher loss rates than before. But by implementing negative balance protection also offered by InvestLite, you should be good to go.

Another important trading feature found during our InvestLite review is the educational section. It’s always a good sign when a broker takes care of not only its clients’ profitability and safety but also their education, which is also closely tied to the former two, yet in a more sustainable way.

With InvestLite, you can take your education, as well as experience, to the next level by using tons of different educational materials. More specifically, you can use the following materials:

  • Videos on Demand
  • E-Books
  • Online courses
  • Tutorial articles and videos

What’s great about these materials is that all of them are written/done in a fun and informative manner. You don’t ever feel bored or unclear about the content you’re consuming with InvestLite, which ensures that you’re really stepping up your trading game.

Investlite broker review

Last, but certainly not least, let’s talk about various payment methods that are available on InvestLite’s trading platform. As we have discovered during our InvestLite broker review, the deposit/withdrawal methods you can use are the following:

  • Credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro)
  • Wire transfer
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • SafeCharge
  • MIR Limited
  • Wirecard
  • SSL
  • Orange Pay
  • Payvision
  • PaySafe
  • Emerchant pay
  • VPay

Now, even as it is right now, the diversity of payment methods lets you use the exact method you’re convenient with. But that’s not the end of the story: as we’ve already mentioned this, InvestLite has no commission charges on either deposits or withdrawals. Therefore, you’re maximizing your profit potential whilst trading.

What’s more, the deposits are usually executed instantly, whereas withdrawals take a couple of days to complete.

All in all, the entire trading package that comes with InvestLite proves to be very profitable, as well as a secure offer that helps you maximize your potential in the trading market.

Is it worth trading with InvestLite?

So, after all this discussion about InvestLite and its trading features, should you actually choose it as your trading service provider? Does it protect your safety well enough to be worthwhile?

Well, let’s do a quick rundown of all the specs we’ve discussed above: InvestLite is a Forex trading brokerage that is based in Belize. It owns a financial license from the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC), which ensures that the treatment you’re getting from this broker is as top-quality as it can get.

Another important discovery of our review of InvestLite Forex broker is that there are well over 350 financial instruments you can choose from, and they range in six different asset classes. The commission levels that come with these instruments are very low, whereas the maximum leverage goes all the way up to 1:500.

Considering that safety features are very complex and trading opportunities are very bright, it’s safe to say that choosing InvestLite as your trading partner is a rational decision for your career.

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