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ForexNewsNow is a news webpage that offers its readers the freshest and most relevant market news it can possibly give. The visitors of this webpage will also be able to access the website's broker reviews, from which they will be able to learn ways to identify scam brokers and find reliable ones they can trade with. The website is hoping that, with their help, their readers will find their time in the market a lot easier.

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Contact person: Nick James
Contact email: is a website where you can find all of the information concerning the financial industry. The website’s core product is market news, currency analyses, and price change predictions. The company employs professionals in the fields o currency exchange and cryptocurrency development, not only that but their journalistic capacity has been quite impactful for some traders as well.

Additional information about ForexNewsNow

ForexNewsNow has also decided that just providing news to their visitors is not enough for them to become truly literate in the financial market. The website is also featuring numerous broker reviews in which they discuss the pros and cons of brokers they encounter. The website has the courage to give negative reviews to large corporations, without having to face any consequences, when they are looking at a broker, they are looking for the truth and nothing but the truth.

Interesting Spinoff

One of the most interesting features about the Website’s ways to review brokers is the way they add additional information about research in every review. pretty much every recent review features some sort of tips and tricks to find out if your broker is scamming you or not. You can truly learn a lot by just reading their reviews, be they positive or negative.

The advantages of visiting ForexNewsNow

The advantages are pretty much obvious. The website offers its readers fresh and relevant information about the market that will help them forward themselves in the industry. The website does not shy away from controversial topics, always has a wide variety of information and does not feature any kind of biased news or articles.

One of the most important features about the website is the fact that they are completely customer oriented. All of this means that it will cost you absolutely nothing to visit their webpage, read through their news articles and reviews. This means that nobody will start asking you for a 1-month subscription in advance, to let you access the content.

The future of ForexNewsNow

ForexNewsNow is planning on continuing a similar model in the future. They believe that the model they are going through with right now is working perfectly and are looking forward to improving it should the need arise. It is in the website’s best interest to be able to feature the best and most relevant news so that more and more readers will benefit from their insight.

It is also the website’s desire to clean up the Forex broker market. By this they mean that their primary goal is to have all of the brokers available on the market be legit, we know that this is quite a strong goal, but every step counts. In their words “reviewing a scam broker is already a dent in its shield, the final blow will be struck by the customer by not accepting their services at all”.

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Contact person: Nick James
Contact email:
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