Is TDS Capital legit?

Is TDS Capital legit?

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In the world of Forex trading, finding a reliable brokerage can present a serious challenge; the challenge that needs to be dealt with as promptly as possible. And no wonder: trading itself is a very risky endeavor and no trader wants to have an additional burden of a scam broker.

Unfortunately, because of the simplicity of setting up an online company with a seemingly believable website, the number of scam brokers has increased over the years. And while there are many agencies that provide in-depth reviews of such brokers, many traders still fall into the financial Ponzi schemes and whatnot.

But it’s not to say that the reviews found on the internet are not effective. They shed light on lots of hidden aspects and reveal the intentions behind good appearances. In this TDS Capital review, we’re going to do the same: we’ll look into every hidden or visible offering and determine, whether this broker is a scam or the real deal. So, without further ado, let’s begin. review – The Looks

The RDS Capital page is not too memorable nor an impressive one. While it’s filled with visual decorations and various effects, they overcomplicate the user experience and make it difficult to actually get information from the website. And that’s the most important task of every Forex broker – to convey information as effortlessly as possible.

The homepage has a contrasty and saturated background that takes away the visitor’s attention. The client isn’t able to receive information on the broker with ease – neither about their partners, their terms and conditions, their policies, or the offers.

Even though the navigation bar at the top of the page allows access to most of the important information with ease, the TDS Capital rating doesn’t actually go up just because of the distractions present in the interface. The tabs such as Trade, Getting Started, Education Center, Trader Tools, and About Us are there to offer everything there is to know about the brokerage, however, with this complicated design, it seems to us that the broker wants to hide something behind good looks and designs.

And while some of the details that are not accessible through these tabs can found on the home page, we cannot help but suspect that they don’t represent the actual picture – be it for legal aspects, trading CFDs, the contact information for the support team or the corporate team of the company. All in all, behind these looks we feel like the TDS Capital scam is the real deal. And to make this conclusion even more sturdy, let’s dive deeper into the review.

Can RDS Capital be trusted?

The company doesn’t have a very positive reputation online. Since the very beginning of the operation, the company has had a mixed supply of reviews, both negative and positive. And while the positive reviews show a modest amount of satisfaction, the negative reviews are the ones that need our attention. That’s because the people, who wrote them, talk about thousands, even hundreds of thousands of lost money through a fraudulent activity of the broker.

This is the result of the inferior service that these guys provide. Users rarely comment on the great design that the website has, the ease of attaining information and the great educational opportunities that the broker provides. Instead, they capitalize on various schemes that they’ve been tricked into and their money – stolen.

Apart from that, what usually causes the dissatisfaction of the users is the complicated user experience and the difficulty of starting trading with TDS Capital FX brokerage. Instead of having a simplistic platform with a sophisticated deposits and withdrawals system, the company offers its users incomprehensible tools and a difficult platform that the users don’t find very enjoyable. Many users report that their success rate and the speed of their income generation has decreased on many occasions since they started working with the brokerage. So, while some of the TDS Capital reviews online are moderately positive, the ones that are negative show the real face of the brokerage.

TDS Capital Forex broker platform and more

The company has a number of things to offer to its users. The most important product that they supply is the web-based trading platform, which they sell as the proprietary platform owned by TDS Capital. The exclusiveness of the platform aside, many users have reported that the platform is extremely complicated and not very user-friendly. As a result, the platform doesn’t allow them to trade with confidence and speed, without being worried about any kind of issues arising throughout their trading experience.

Our own reviewers, who have been trying to work with the platform for a while now, have also had a very underwhelming experience. While there is no guarantee that you will be able to increase your income several folds simply by switching to this trading platform, their main reason why they hated the experience was the difficulty of actually trading with this platform – just like we mentioned earlier. On top of that, there is no RDS Capital MT4 (MetaTrader 4), which is the most common and easy-to-use trading software right now on the market.

Another seemingly exciting feature that the broker offers to their clients is a level system for their accounts. This level system is based upon minimum deposits, with those who deposit more having a higher level than those that deposit less. And while the broker claims the minimum deposit requirement is really low, the $250 demand will still be a lot for many beginners.

The higher levels offer their users a number of benefits over the lower ones, offering them the chance to have better trading terms and better trading experience through the use of better indicators and availability of one on one education, personal account management and so on. The levels start from basic and go on to bronze, silver, gold, and Platinum. However, based on the actual offerings, there’s not much difference between these levels. This, in our TDS capital opinion, is not a good thing for the users nor the platform itself.

Final thoughts

Overall, TDS Capital opinions in our team are pretty much undivided. Almost all of us think that the broker is involved or even making its own Ponzi scheme, using which it tricks new clients and steals their funds. That’s why we believe the TDS Capital fraud is not only possible, but also quite probable. And we advise anyone, who values their financial stability, to stay away from this broker.

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