Everything about Templer FX Forex broker in detailed Templer FX review

Everything about Templer FX Forex broker in detailed Templer FX review

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With so many scam brokers in the Forex industry, a person needs to be aware of the tactics and tricks the scammers are using to lure you. Sometimes, you can see the broker is a scam with just one glance, sometimes the scam is so sophisticated you only learn about it when you are already in trouble. This Templer FX review will show you how is the broker leading the scam and still remains active from 2014. We will go through the broker’s regulations, offerings and the things that broker hopes to keep in shade. Actually, it is truly surprising that the broker manages to get away with such obvious scams for so many years, especially when the scam is so easy to reveal.

First impressions vs Reality

When you go to the website of the broker you will have an impression that the broker is fully legit. It does not really have a top-notch design but after all, it is the matter of the taste. But once you will go through the website you will find several disturbing things. The website is made to look legit, one can see the information about the broker, information about the trading platforms and terms, section for education, partners and support, yet everything look nice but our TemplerFX.com review does not stop there.

The content that is placed on the website is very marginal, there is not much to see. For example, if you go to the page of education you will only see two articles and glossary. The company who is operating from 2004 should be caring more about the customers especially when it claims to have a client in the centre of their business. The latest news from the company dates back to 2018. Overall the website looks abandoned and neglected, it feels like the broker set it up and is waiting for a victim to fall in the trap since then. The website is the first sign that makes us think about Templer FX scam. Now let’s see how legit the company is.

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Is Temper FX legit?

Reading the overview of the company one gets the impression that the broker cares a lot about transparency and regulations. The text underlines how important the regulation is and how bad it is to trade with the broker that does not have any regulations. The reality behind the TemperFX regulations really makes us think that it is another trick by the broker. TempleFX was established in 2004 and operates on the FX market for 15 years already. It is operated by the company Templer Holdings Management Limited. It is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and has a license from the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The regulator is definitely not amongst the reputable financial authorities. Being licensed by it makes our doubts about Templer FX fraud more intense. One can find the license number on the website 23395 IBC – unfortunately, it is not possible to prove if the broker really has a license, since the information cannot be found and checked on the regulator’s website.  However, you can see the copy of the certificate on the website. I did so and found out that the broker is licensed only in 2016 meaning that it was operating without any license for 12 years! Can Templer FX be trusted after it? It is up to you to decide but we would definitely not suggest trusting it.  The broker does not offer services to the residents of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Japan and some other countries and territories. Meaning that it does not have a right to operate in countries where the financial authority is strict about the brokers and regulations. If you are a resident of one of those countries you are easily saved from Templer FX scam.

Templer FX opinions

Apart from regulations, another thing I find very disturbing is reviews and opinions about the broker, to be more precise, the lack of them.  How many FX brokers you know with 15 years of experience? and how many of them have reviews that can be read within an hour? Not so many I guess. There are only several Templer FX reviews on the internet. The broker has enough experience and after 15 years of operating should have enough number of customers who will post their opinions about the broker. The fact that there is a very limited number of reviews makes us think that it is not even genuine and is distributed by the broker itself.

Customer support

If someone will decide to become the customer of Templer FX he or she will definitely need customer support. The broker has a support section where it offers three ways to get in touch with the support team. The first one, which is the most popular way to get help from a broker is a live chat. I have waited for five minutes for the live chat window to open, only to see 404 error telling me that this page does not really exist. It lowers Templer FX rate instantly, it is so easy to have a properly working live chat if you want to, it is shame not to have it.  Another way to get help from the broker is to send an email directly from the website. However, the website is so abandoned it makes me think that your email will be opened in one month if it will. The last hope to get some assistance is to request a call back from the broker. The way support is designed is very disturbing as well and could be a part of the Templer FX scam scheme. The customer of the broker does not have any possibility to contact the broker if the broker does not want it. The live chat is not working and there is no email or number indicated. If you face any issue you will have to wait until the broker gets in touch with you, which might never happen!

Can you trust Templer FX with your money?

Definitely not! I would not advise trading with this broker to anyone. The website looks neglected, there is not much information about the broker and its services neither on the website nor on the internet in the form of Templer FX opinions and reviews. The brokerage that was founded in 2004 needs to have well-established rating and reputation but Templer FX broker lacks both. It does not have very strong regulations that would make the broker legit and after all, was authorized only in 2016. Last but not least, does not have the support that can actually support any of its clients. Would you risk to deposit money with such broker? I certainly would not.

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