TIO Markets Review

TIO Markets Review

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With the internet becoming more global, the brokerage sphere is evolving simultaneously, as well as the competitors. Many different brokers offer clients different opportunities while making them interested in the bonuses as well as promotions and good conditions.  Many new features keep adding to the payment methods as well as the withdrawal. Everything this can come handy and user-friendly for the costumers.

In this article, we will be reviewing one of the leading brokers, TIO Markets. Although the market might seem to be very fascinating, we will go through the very important details and try to give you the general look whether it is worth investing your money or not.

Generally, for making money you need to be understanding the working structure.  Therefore, we can talk about what the brokers that potentially offer you the best or worst profit.  While together with us you can carefully investigate the market as well as the general sphere and consider options before investing your money.

The choice of becoming a broker means that you want to make money on it and the last thing to do is lose all of your capital just because you were not informed well or did underestimate the market.

TIO Markets Review

The ultimate beneficiary owner of TIO Markets is UK Limited. TIO Markets UK Ltd is registered in the UK and is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the highest financial authority in the UK, meaning that if the website is under its authorization, then the website is legit.

The other important feature for the website is a license, which TIO Markets also has, and you can simply check it with the provided registration number, which they have indicated on the bottom of the page.

TIO Markets home

The webpage offers clients different options as well as the experience with the brokerage which is very important while making your first investments. TIO Markets was found in 2018 and since then has been operating on the market. The individuals working for the webpage own 40+ years of experience.

Do not get too hyped as there still might be some hidden fees and lineaments, which you should be informed about. Within the review, we will focus on the pros and cons and talk about the legitimacy of the broker.

General Outlook

TIO Markets seems to be getting well with the design and the general look. There are two dominant colors on the webpage which are black and orange. Colors already give you association with brokers and the seriousness of the broker. While black stands for privacy and at certain point luxury, orange can be meaning some good offers in terms of financial cases.

The webpage has some common action buttons such as cookies, that need to be accepted straight away and pop-up window at the right side for the VIP account subscription every time you reload the website. The last-mentioned action call is useless as for the first time visitor to the page VIP account subscription does not tell much, especially when there is no expectation for specific knowledge about the account offers.

The home page in general looks sophisticated. TIO Markets TabFirst thing you are going to check is the information about authorization, which is easily accessible both at the bottom of the page as well as right at the top of the tab. There are several options which you can choose from the action panel such as, Trading, Markets, About, Contact Page, Blog as well as Education. If you feel that everything is present, wait and think of some major options that are hidden or not present in the action panel.

The major points that you need to see straight away are account types, deposit, and withdrawal condition tabs. Basically, those three define how good are the brokers. According to them, one should decide whether to invest money or not.

The other pop-up window, which is very handy is client support. There is a live chat option in the right lower corner of the page, that option is very nice as you are not expected to write any long official emails, and will be given out answers to your questions straight away.

You are able to find the exchange rates and spread rates on the home page. Registration on the webpage seems to be quite easy. You are offered with the registration field at the right upper corner of the page. You can also log in and see the list of partners with the partner button. The main page is in English, though there are different languages to be chosen and you definitely can find something suitable for you rather than English.

Accounts And Conditions

After you have a general idea of the webpage, make the next steps, which means that you should check the account types and trading conditions. There you will find the answer to your question is it worth investing or not. There is a section for trading on the home page. You can see several options such as platform, VIP black, subscriptions, swaps, spreads and commissions, trading conditions and FIX API.

Make sure that you find proper information about major points such as leverage, spreads and of course account types. Is it your type or not?

Account Types

TIO Markets offer users three types of accounts. There is one free account and two accounts which you have to buy.

  1. Standard Account. Free of charge. Commission fee of 6$ per lot. Ideal for traders who trade under 5 lots per month.
  2. VIP Account. Costs 24.95$ per month. Commission fee 2 $ per lot. The Account is ideal for the traders who trade up to 5 lots per month.
  3. VIP Black. The cost is 49.95$ per month. Zero commission. It can definitely be the best option out of three. It offers the traders all standard features plus, TIO shield, an additional security measure for your reimbursement within 60 days, TIO reimburses for 60 days, platinum support as well as advanced education course.
  4. Demo-Account, which is a very good opportunity for interested in brokerage people. Demo account means that there is no actual money but a virtual asset, which you can use to train your trading skills. No doubts, it is the best way to learn how to trade and to observe the market. Demo account also means that there is no risk of losing money.

Extra Charges

Usually what good brokers do not have is commission fee. This can not be true about TIO Markets, as they have an additional commission fee for every additional lot.

TIO Markets VIP

Extra charges can be demotivational especially for a newcomer, as they need some time in order to learn how to trade properly, meaning that additional lots to be placed are quite a common thing. If you are begginer we would not recommend you addressing TIO Markets, as the perspective of losing more money is high.

In TIO Markets, you can pay 49.95$ at once and not pay an additional commission fee afterward, which is a good trick, as you are paying in order to avoid payments afterward. That does not make sense unless you think that it is better to pay at once rather than making monthly or per lot payments. Though, the main point here is that you are not even supposed to be paying anything after you have created an account and maybe having placed your deposit.


Leverage 1:200

The maximum leverage rate for TIO Markets is 1:200. “Leverage” shall mean the ratio in respect of transaction size and initial Margin. 1:200 ratio means that in order to open a position, the Initial Margin is thirty (200) times less than the Transactions size. An example is :1 lot EURUSD at leverage 1:200, required margin is: 100 000 x 1/200 =500 USD

The average leverage rate is almost always 1:300. Any other lower indicator is already bad. With the existing competition on the market, we lost the tails of logic for having such a low leverage rate.

As we have provided you with the description of the leverage and now you know how it works, you will understand that the lower the leverage the more you have to trade in order to earn a valid amount of money. You can also conclude that making money with the mentioned rate is beyond rational choice, as well as it is time-consuming. If this still does not sound like a big deal to you, let’s check some of the other sections as well.


“Spread” shall mean the difference between the bid and the ask price of a Financial Instrument at the same moment. “Stop Out” shall mean the situation when the Company executes the right to close all Client’s open positions at the current market price or the last available price and your equity divided by balance falls below the stop out level specified for your account type.

Likely the leverage rate the spread is low as well, though in this case, the lower the spread better for you. Spread rate is from 0 to o.3, which is extremely low rate and not all brokers can afford, which is very impressive in compliance with the competitors. Though the leverage rate stays low enough for low spreads not being effective.

Withdrawal of Money

It is very important to be able to withdraw the money that you have traded. Spending a lot of money and effort in trading and not being able to withdraw your money from your account does not sound very attractive. That would have been a pity, though it can happen unless you read terms and conditions attentively and carefully. There are many withdrawal options with different brokers. Some of them have special conditions for that while others do not. Make sure you understand the conditions in order to be able to withdraw your money without any risks. TIO Markets withdraw

TIO Markets is none of the easiest places where you can find conditions for the withdrawal of the money. As it is difficult to find withdrawal conditions on the webpage unless you have opened the terms and conditions document or the Client agreement document.

For sure, you have to download and get acknowledged with both, though the information about withdrawal must be easily visible on the webpage, somewhere in the front unless there is anything hidden from the client.

The only place where you can find additional information about commission and fees for the withdrawal is the clients’ Agreement, which provides us with the following statement:

“Fees might also be applicable for the withdrawals and the online card payment as stipulated on the respective pages of the Company’s website or anywhere else in this Agreement. The Company may change its commissions, spreads and financing fees from time to time without providing prior notice to the Client.”

Despite, not stating anything about the extra charges, there are proposed several payment methods. TIO Markets accept Visa, TrustPay, UnionPay, BankWire as well as accept cryptocurrency payments.

Starting Capital

Without knowing what is the starting capital, you can have no idea about the final capital that you can have for the final countdown. There might be a need for deposit, which you have to keep in mind before making any kind of investment.

There are several deposit types on TIO Markets. Conditions about making deposits are also stated in the Client’s Agreement.

  • There is specific documentation needed for the registration, though there might be cases, whenever you do not have proper documentation uploaded needed for the registration process, then you are required to have a certain amount of deposit, which can be up to 10.000$ and gives the client a maximum of 21 calendar days in order to upload and fill up every necessary field..
  • When a client purchases VIP Black Account, s/he is supposed to have a deposit of 1000 USD on the account, this is the necessary amount for initial trading.
  • After one has created the ccaount it is necessary that you deposit the minimum required funds into your trading wallet.

While taking the first steps in the brokerage world, you are definitely willing to learn some valuable information first and only afterward if it is due to your fault, lose your money. In this case with quite high deposit amounts, you are mostly going to spend a lot more before gaining.

There is a good offer for you in terms and conditions, which is 50% reimbursement of your deposit. Though, this applies to the cases when you got stopped with your account subscription for one or another reason with the first 30 days. Now back to the withdrawal of money. If you decide to withdraw your money within those mentioned 30 days, then you are not likely to receive any kind of reimbursement of your initial deposit. Watch Out.

TIO Markets Promotion

What TIO Market has interesting, is the bonus offer for the clients. Although not that many brokers have a proposal for bonuses,TIO Markets competition

TIO Market has a specific section dedicated to the competition.

TIO Market section of the competition has two categories, for individual and team competitions. There is a very nice outlook as well as interesting design and offers in that section and you can always find some information about the ongoing competition as well as further instructions. The bonus and winning prize is the reason why you will be willing to take part in the competition.

Individual Competition

Whenever you visit the page you will notice instructions of the competition and the general description of the structure. The individual competition, as well as the team competition, has to get started with the minimum deposit of 500$.

The overall money that will be distributed within the players during the competition consists of 200.000 $. There is, of course, the prize for the winner in the first three rounds which is 20.000 USD. The general competition ends here, while the grand final has a lot more to offer. You can win 300.000 USD, which definitely worth trying.

Team Competition

TIO Markets promotion offers the same conditions for the teams as for the individual players. If you find yourself a good team you will be able to try yourself in 4 rounds and if you are good enough, then the winning prize of 300.000 USD is waiting for you.

Be sure to get acknowledged with the rules of the game though.

Can the TIO Markets be Trusted?

We have several other broker reviews, which you can use for comparison and see the whole picture of the existing competition in the market. Take into consideration all of the positive and negative aspects of the broker, compare the broker to other competitors, ask for advice and of course, make your own decisions.  TIO Markets offers the visitors a blog page as well, which you can visit in order to have a glance at some additional information and forum with questions and answers.

TIO Market rating is quite high, as it has one of the leading positions. This is a valid point, as they certainly have some good features and promotions to offer clients. Though, from the review most likely, you can see the cons as well as pros. Generally, the platform is well designed and quite sophisticated, although it has failed with the adds and user-friendliness at a certain point, as some information is somehow lost within the general content.

There are good spread conditions, though the leverage rate is extremely low, which makes you unable to make a lot of money at once and makes you trade a lot more than you can actually benefit from.

The account types are impressive, especially when we are offered a demo account type, which is very useful for the beginners, though they seem to fail with the withdrawal options as well as having additional charges for the withdrawal and commissions, which is very important while trading online.

The other very important point if choosing TIO Markets is to consider the very high commission fees per lot. This is very uncommon among the brokers, especially when you are not a solo player on the field, so if you have opportunity and choice we would definitely encourage you to consider other options as well.

Is TIO Market Fraud or is it legit? No doubt that TIO Market is legit. Overall the website is authorized, which means it is legit and has the license. Despite the authorization and the license the definite advise would be to go through the Terms and Conditions as well as the Client’s Agreement document very attentively and then make choice for the investment.

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