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During our recent scouring of the internet for Forex brokers, we inadvertently found out about, which seems to be a completely new company that hasn’t properly launched yet.

After digging around for a little bit longer and conducting a deep review, we found out that the company is actually a subsidiary of the XM Forex brokerage, which is amazing news to the customer base as the diversification that everybody has been waiting for is finally here.

What is and is it trustworthy? seems to be something resembling a CFD brokerage as it’s the only financial asset that is mentioned during the promotional video on the website, which is the only piece of content by the way.

At the end of the video, warns about the risks associated with CFDs, just like every legitimate financial company should do, and that’s where our conclusion is derived from.

is scam

But is scam a possibility? Of course not! It’s owned by the XM Forex brokerage, how could it possibly be a scam? It’s a platform that seems to be designed for beginners rather than veteran players.

But there is very little information about the details of the trading process with, therefore we had to assume most of the features showcased below.

Possible features

One thing’s for sure is that will feature CFD products, but there’s no indication if there will be things such as currency pairs, therefore we have to wait until the official launch.

But on the other hand, we saw a line of text that immediately caught our attention. It was the Ultra-low account indicating that the brokerage could have been created to accomodate complete beginners or traders that don’t enjoy high-risk and high-volume trades.

It’s safe to assume that the leverage could be a bit lower with, but thankfully the video does tell us about low spreads and no commissions to speak of.

Is on MobileTrader?

Judging from the slogan that we keep seeing, “Trade the World” and the implications that the company will target the new generation of traders, it could be said that the brokerage is targeting a completely mobile trading experience.

The trading software looks like a mix of WebTrader and MobileTrader available on both Desktop, Tablet, and Smartphone, but what’s this about targeting the new generation of traders?can be trusted

It could mean that XM is trying to tap into the Millenial demographic for a more diverse customer base. It could have been inspired by the way eToro does their marketing, which is clearly tailored towards a younger audience.

Nevertheless, the only way we could find out some information was by contacting the email indicated in the “Read More” section.

Other than that, the whole website is just the video, the logo, and the mute button. It’s clear that is just in the beginning phase of development, and should be coming out with a clear business plan quite soon.

Should you trade with

This question is a bit hard to answer at this point as there is no information to go about. Depending on the spreads and the tools offered by the company, it will be easier to form an opinion, but at this moment, the only positive quality that has is that it’s a subsidiary of XM, which gives some guarantees about the safety.

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