Tradinvestor review

Tradinvestor review

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After conducting an in-depth Tradinvestor review we found out that the brokerage is not regulated by any financial entity. The broker also does not disclose its country of registration, nor does it disclose any information about a potential license from an authorized organization.

Furthermore, we couldn’t even find information if the broker was part of a self-regulating association. Therefore, we need to get straight to the point and warn you about a potential scam that you may be getting yourself into if you register with this company.

But, in order to prove it, we need to take a look at their trading conditions and try to compare them to existing Forex brokers’ standards, to see if this company is worth it.

Tradinvestor review – off to a terrible start

The website is definitely not a 10/10, but we can’t say that it’s below average in terms of design and user experience. However, the real issue and another clue for the Tradinvestor scam pops up when there’s absolutely no legal documentation to be found about the brokerage.

Tradinvestor fraud

The only thing that is displayed in the footer (where the legal information is usually disclosed) is a risk warning about trading CFDs.

CFDs seem to be 50% of the broker’s offered services, mainly revolving around cryptocurrencies. But in this review, we will be focusing on its offerings for Forex pairs.

But again, a lack of transparency is still not enough to classify the brokerage as a fraudulent company. We need to take a look at their leverage offerings as well as spreads and commissions.

So, let’s do so in the next paragraphs.

Is Tradinvestor on par with competitors?

The first thing that stands out about Tradinvestor is its insurmountable minimum deposit amount. It’s safe to say that the only time we’ve seen a deposit requirement so high was with a stockbroker, and that’s quite normal for stocks. But for Forex brokers an EUR 2,500 minimum deposit is simply not acceptable.

And is Tradinvestor legit for asking this much as a minimum deposit? Do they have the tools to justify such a price tag? Well, not necessarily.

The maximum leverage we could find with them was 1:100 on currency pairs and just 1:2 on cryptocurrencies. Pair that up with spreads of 0.1 pips on EUR/USD and around 3.0 pips for anything else and we get an extremely unprofitable trading experience.

The EUR 2,500 minimum deposit is completely unwarranted. One would think that the broker offers a good education, but taking a more focused look reveals that these are just small blog posts available for free on other websites.

Should you trade with Tradinvestor?

Considering the lack of regulation, a below-average trading conditions, alongside withdrawal fees on deposits that don’t support digital wallets, it’s safe to say that Tradinvestor is not the best choice to go for, regardless of how experienced you are.

It’s quite dodgy to say that they’re a scam as there have been no outcries of past victims, but from a financial standpoint, the features this broker offers are definitely not parallel to how much it requires as a deposit.

Definitely not recommended.

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