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by Martin on October 17, 2019

London Summit Award Winners will be announced Mid November

One of the most prestigious industry awards conducted globally, London Summit 2019, has its nomination round officially over. The determination of the finalists for each fitting category will kick off from Monday, October 21 and the voting will begin shortly after as well. The majority of the world’s leading industry companies participate in the said Summit, and it will be no short of excitement to see how things turn out as the nominations proceed.

Old billingsgate is said to be welcoming all the nominees and attendees in less than a month and Europe’s largest trading event will finalize the results of the preceding voting regime which is an excellent chance for all participants to vocalize their inferences. Thus, the recognition of the best in the industry will be set accordingly.

The way Summit functions is relatively straightforward. Finance Magnates, and generally people of authority and importance, get together in a celebratory manner to attempt and give deserved recognition to the most excelling industry representatives which exhibit outstanding performances in key segments. This is truly a magnificent chance for the industry to cast a vote and truly determine its brightest, and the most hard-working members.

Nominations and awards are quite diverse and cover such essential sectors as retail CFDs broker, ECN/Execution venue, retail Fx broker, Fx trading platform, payment service provider, Regtech reporting solution, connectivity provider and many more. As it seems, the categorical distribution of the awards is mainly focused on the best possible product output in the fields of execution, trading platforms, marketing performances, liquidity and many other significant aspects of the trading industry eco-system.

How to Vote

The instructions for voting are simple to follow and will be kept as maximally streamlined as possible. The same manner of casting was upheld during the previous years so there is no reason to hijack and confuse the prospective voters that are willing to cast their ballot. Starting from Monday, October 21, every voter will be able to follow the legible instructions and act in accordance with their preferences. It is important to have valid credentials and choose one of the three selected companies for each of the 12 categories presented. Voters will be able to either click on their preferred company right away or read the detailed descriptions for each one before they make a choice. A search bar will also be highlighted in order to make finding specific companies a lot easier. The voting outcomes will appear under the appropriate tab named after ”My Votes” earlier to the choice finalization. Voters should refrain from clicking the refresh button during voting so as to avoid discarding their preferences. The described process will last only up until the start of November, therefore, it is important to vote on time.

As mentioned above, Old Billingsgate will be hosting the London Summit 2019 ceremony on November 13-14. The event will offer not only the much-anticipated award-winning but a pretty typical gathering of the trading industry aimed at making connections, establishing fresh business deals and learning.

The number of attendees is not yet known, though the number is speculated to range somewhere around 3000. The majority of them will be coming from the top investment banks, fin-tech startups, business tick service providers, retail Fx brokers, so on and so forth.

London Summit 2019 does not hold local or shrunk importance focused on one specific aspect of global industry development. Rather, it emphasizes institutional space as well as retail matters and cryptocurrencies. The event is awaited by a number of the world’s most successful financial and marketing agencies, and due to such prestigious character, everything, from agenda to the protocol, is meticulously calculated. Prospective attendees can access all the necessary pieces of information on appropriate websites.

By Martin

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