by Martin on October 16, 2018

Match2trade is every broker’s crypto dream

Cryptocurrencies are sweeping away the payment market like a storm. Ever since they became so popular every single company has been trying to accommodate them in a way that would be profitable. Therefore through all these accommodations, all these developments, cryptos became even more popular and started to appear in pretty much every financial news piece and process. So many companies have started to utilize crypto payments that it would take forever to list them. however, we have info about a specific company called Match-Trade which is a Technology firm. The company has announced that it will launch a new cryptocurrency payment solution and call it Match2pay, which in their words, will be a cryptocurrency payment processor outsource heaven for brokers.

Therefore, every broker who has already included or is planning to include cryptocurrencies in their ever-growing list of trading assets can opt for the solutions listed on Match2pay. Regarding the fact that nearly every single broker is now featuring crypto trading, this venture is not a small deal at all. Honestly, it may be one of the most profitable ideas the company has had yet.

Even though the platform will only feature a few popular cryptos, to begin with, the creators are hopeful that it will grow. They claim Match2pay to be a great accelerator for businesses and startups. In their words, they have created a go-to solution for cryptocurrency payments and exchanges around the world.

What do they offer specifically?

Match-Trade has already given thought to the most popular trading platforms for most brokers and has ensured that the system they are about to implement will be compatible for MT4 and MT5, in order to ensure a swift and smooth transition to the broker’s platform. Not only will the customer benefit from having this feature right next to them, but they will also be able to benefit from the built-in crypto wallet and a converter that will help them quickly calculate profits.

Brokers have been having a lot of problems with cryptocurrency payments and can’t seem to be finding the perfect Goldilocks zone of commission fees and customer satisfaction/ With Match2pay they will be able to access markups on rates provided to their clients. Not only will this help them increase their revenue, but also increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Should a broker not have any means of accepting cryptocurrencies, there will be an in-built solution to quickly exchanging them to fiat currencies.

By Martin

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