by Martin on October 18, 2018

Mexican stocks now up for grabs with North American investors

The stock exchange has been around for ages. The most successful people around the world are in the market with multiple stocks to their names. Most of the times stocks are the exact assets that determine large amounts of their NET worth. There is no wonder, why stocks are one of the most desired assets that people have to this day. Many of the traders are using them as additions to their 401k.

In response to such massive popularity of the stocks. It has been announced that the Mexican stock exchange (BMV) will now be reachable through various North American exchanges. This link will not only strengthen the ties of the North American giants but also provide a lot more value to the average investor. Having a lot more variety in stocks and a diverse portfolio has lead to many a man, achieving their investment goals.

Why Mexico?

Daily trading for the electronic market makers will be a lot faster and efficient, because of the fact the accessibility will be a lot easier to the Mexican stock market. The volume of this trading is documented to be at least $800 million. This new partnership will not only boost the speed but also the numbers in which the trading can continue.

As the US-China trade war continues and tariffs begin to mount up even more geopolitical uncertainties increase. Therefore, investors and firms had to venture out to find new deals where liquidity would be a lot easier. This partnership will be received with open arms, given the fact how much liquidity the Latin American market offers to all of the famous firms and brands in North America. The public listings in Mexico will increase by 30%, which will allow a lot more profitable ventures to take place.

Mexico’s Economy

Mexico has been enjoying a thriving economy for the past year and a half, which makes it one of the most profitable markets to tap into right now. The liquidity ratio has sky-rocketed because the consumers can now allow themselves a lot more spending and indulgence. The North American stock exchanges are looking forward to having their company stocks listed for potential Mexican investors and vice versa.

By Martin

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