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by Martin on March 11, 2020

XM 10th Anniversary Promo Review

XM is one of the brokers that continuously tries to make its clients happy all the time. Whether we’re talking about their lucrative trading terms and conditions, sophisticated trading platforms, or diverse methods of payment, the broker has long become an industry standard.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, XM has announced a brand new anniversary promotion that has a large prize pool – 800,000 US dollars for 500 winners. The promotion will last for ten months and since it has already started in November 2019, there are only six months left before the promotion ends.

10th Anniversary promo rewards explained

So, what’s this promo and what does it offer to the XM users? Well, the above-mentioned $800,000 prize pool is a celebration of the tenth anniversary of XM broker and an attempt to make the trading experience much more exciting for the users.

XM 10th anniversary bonus

The promotion is divided into ten segments and has monthly sub-promotions. From November all the way to August, every 50 user can enroll in the bonus and win a total of 80,000 US dollars in various prizes.

But wait, the exciting part isn’t over yet. When the main promo ends in August, an additional bonus will kick in. It’s called the 10th Year Anniversary Grand Gala and it promises a $200,000 prize pool for just 10 winners.

Register to be a part of XM 10th anniversary promo

What’s so special about this promo is that the awarded prices are much chunkier. For instance, the user that takes the first place will get either a luxury car or 100,000 US dollars on their MT4/MT5 real trading account. Of course, they can get that money in any currency they want.

The second and third place holds a slightly low-end luxury car or $30,000 on the trading balance. The last prize is $2,500 on the balance, which is still quite impressive for any trader.

How to get started?

Now that you’ve been “lured in” this promotion, let’s discuss how you can actually enroll in it and win these impressive prizes. By following this link, you’ll be redirected to the XM’s 10th Anniversary Promo page which provides a detailed description for anything that you’re interested in.

XM 10th anniversary promotion

The first thing you need to do before enrolling in this bonus is to create an account on XM. And there’s nothing too complicated in that: the broker only requires a phone number and email address from its new users. Once you’ve filled the required boxes, you’re pretty much good to go.

After that, you need to go to that same link and register for the actual promotion. But that’s not enough to become eligible for the prizes: you need to trade 3 standard lots (100,000 currency units) or 300 micro-lots (1,000 currency units) to get one ticket for the monthly draw, as well as one ticket for the grand gala lucky draw. Once you do that as well, you are pretty much done.

So, there’s nothing holding you to try out this promotion and test out your luck. After all, the promotion lasts until August and has a really large prize pool – maybe you’re among those lucky 500!

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