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by Martin Abbott on November 15, 2023

Tech Titans Clash: Jimmy Wales Warns of Chaos in X After Musk’s Takeover

In the wake of Elon Musk’s unprecedented takeover of X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, a storm of controversy has engulfed the once-prominent social media giant. Renowned for its role in shaping online discourse, X now finds itself under scrutiny from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who asserts that the platform has been “overrun by trolls and lunatics” since Musk assumed control. This paradigm shift raises critical questions about the intersection of tech, free speech, and responsible governance in the digital age. As users grapple with the consequences of this transformation, the implications for online dialogue and community dynamics become increasingly profound.

Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales Sounds Alarm on X’s Downfall Post Musk Takeover

In the aftermath of Elon Musk’s acquisition, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has voiced scathing criticism against X, the rebranded Twitter, asserting that the social media platform is witnessing an exodus of users and is now “overrun by trolls and lunatics.” The ongoing clash between these tech titans traces back to Musk’s claims last year that Wikipedia harbors a “non-trivial left-wing bias.” Wales, undeterred, emphasized the gravity of the situation, noting that X’s prominence as a global public square is jeopardized by the influx of disruptive elements. Musk’s recent offer of $1 billion to Wikipedia to rebrand as “Dickipedia” adds a bizarre layer to their feud.

Wales contends that the mass migration of thoughtful and serious individuals away from X poses a substantial challenge to the broader social media landscape. His remarks, delivered at the Web Summit tech conference, underscore the pivotal role that platforms like Twitter (now X) play in shaping public discourse. Analytical data from Similarweb further indicates a decline in engagement metrics for X compared to the previous year, intensifying concerns about the platform’s viability.

The feud between Musk and Wales extends beyond mere rhetoric, as it originated from Musk’s allegations of left-wing bias when Wikipedia editors deliberated on retaining the Twitter Files entry. The files purportedly supported Musk’s claims of biased content moderation under the company’s previous management. Despite the discord, Wikipedia opted not to delete the entry, emphasizing the platform’s commitment to community-driven content maintenance.

Musk’s unconventional offer of a billion dollars to Wikipedia, coupled with his persistent accusations of censorship, reflects a broader clash of ideologies between the tech mogul and the Wikipedia founder. Wales, in response, maintains a pragmatic stance, dismissing Musk’s provocations and characterizing them as part of Musk being “Elon.”

In a proactive move earlier this year, Jimmy Wales introduced Trust Cafe, an alternative to X, positioning it as a “pilot project” striving to foster a community of trustworthy individuals. Distinguishing itself from ad-supported models, Trust Cafe relies on voluntary membership and seeks to prioritize content based on trustworthiness rather than viral appeal. As Wales forays into this new venture, he acknowledges the challenges ahead, emphasizing the need to provide users with a high-quality experience that enriches their lives. Trust Cafe, with its X-style posting and commenting features, represents Wales’ earnest attempt to navigate the evolving landscape of social media.

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