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by Noah Miller on June 3, 2020

TradeON Summit 2020: What you should know?

On July 28, 2020, the largest virtual trading show will take place. Over 5000 traders are expected on the show, and you will be able to access the network with audio and video calls directly. There will also be special chatrooms dedicated to speakers and discussions with them.

The Summit will host one of the best experts and analysts around the world. You will have the possibility to interact with them directly, learn their insights, and hence increase your trading. As soon as you join the event exclusive trading tactics, education, and analysis of asset classes will be available to you.

Why should you attend the Summit?

TradeON Summit offers a lot of advantages to the customers. First of all, the registration is completely free, and the virtual event will be 18 hours. Furthermore contacting through chat and video conferences will boost your trading level.

One of the reasons to consider is the opportunity to access the virtual platform for 7 days after the Summit and extend your journey. You will have a fantastic chance to revisit all the exhibitions if you missed something. Take advantage of a trading boom and get to know your broker.

Not only you will interact with top traders and market analysts, but you will be granted a unique chance to demonstrate your brand to the community. Analysts for their part will share the knowledge and experience with you.

TradeON Summit offers customers access to a speaker auditorium as well as exhibition halls and networking via public lounges and chat.

Do not have a computer or simply cannot access it? No problem. The event is mobile-compatible, and attendees will have the possibility to access the network through their mobile devices. 

What will be discussed?

The full schedule will be announced shortly; however, the panels will feature various topics, in particular: how to trader during Covid-19, what will be the impact of the 2020 US elections on the global Forex market, what you should anticipate from banks in 2020 and successive years and what are the key differences between AI and human traders.

Stay alert for updates and get more information about the massive event of this summer!

By Noah Miller

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