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by Kate Wilson on March 24, 2020

Who are the survivors of the COVID-19 financial crisis?

The novel coronavirus which emerged nearly three months ago took the world by storm. A lot of industries, companies, events have been affected. It hit every field as hard as possible. Prices fell, and even massive sporting events such as Euro 2020 and Tokyo Olympics 2020 have been postponed till 2021.

While Covid-19 severely impacted various industries, we could talk about some of them that actually survived the crisis to some extent. This article will be about such industries. Keep in mind that even these industries are damaged, but the consequences are less severe.

Alcohol industry

Even though a lot of people were left without jobs, some of them see alcohol as a way to ‘confront’ the virus. Interestingly and it seems very funny drinking vodka as some people suggested is an effective method to protect yourself from Covid-19.

Moreover, a lot of people are more radical though and see the virus as the harbinger of the apocalypse. So they think it is the best time to have fun with friends and drink some alcohol so that you could be better prepared for the end. These reasons may look very funny, but statistics show that people still consume alcohol in time of coronavirus.

Online gambling

While real casinos in most countries were closed over the fears of contagion, online gambling industries literally flourished. Canada, where gambling is legal and has one of the largest networks of casinos in the world, was also affected. But as plenty of people were told to stay home, they actually turned to online gambling to entertain themselves, and that is why VIP Canadian online casino providers have had a good time in revenues. People see online casino games as a way of entertainment, so it is not so unexpected why this has become popular in the world.

Tobacco industry

As all of you probably know, for people who are heavy smokers for a long time, it is extremely hard to give up smoking regardless of the situation. People who smoke for 20, 30 years it does not matter whether the virus or any other disaster takes place around the world. Moreover, it is also a known fact that when you have nothing to do, you automatically smoke more, not to mention the fact that being nervous also raises the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. All these factors together make up the reasons why people consume a lot of tobacco at the present moment. So while stocks may have been down, the general consumption of tobacco has not decreased by far.


There is still a long time for the virus to disappear completely. Experts anticipate the most significant surge in the summer period. As time passes, more industries come forward affected by the novel coronavirus. We should hope that everything ends well and the number of deceased people will decrease, as well as infected, but for now, the situation does not look hopeful at all.

By Kate Wilson

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