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by David on March 9, 2020

FXCM Lanches Commission Free Equity Trading

FXCM Group is a retail broker for trading on the foreign exchange market. They provide a multitude of trading instrumentals such as FX, CFDs, cryptocurrencies and related services.

The company has announced its expansion into equity trading, with a commission-free business model that is made possible thanks to the collaboration with Interactive Brokers.

Equity trading is one of the most important areas of a market economy. This is due to the fact that it gives companies access to additional capital and investors a part of ownership in a company, with the potential to make gains based on its future performance.

FXCM is creating FXCM Stocks, a dedicated online and mobile trading portal that will be utilizing the technology from Interactive Brokers.

While not much information is currently available about the subject, the launch is expected in March and will offer trading stocks from the US, UK, Hong Kong, and European companies.

Robert Lande, the president of FXCM, has commented on the matter by saying that FXCM’s step forward to a commission-free equity trading was a big milestone for the company. He states that their main goal has always been to provide the best trading experience, execution, and educational tools while also lowering costs for clients, something they’ve been persistent on since the launch.

With the fact in mind that Interactive Brokers connects to exchanges in more than 125 markets in more than 30 countries, Robert states that their collaboration with them is the next big step in their mission.

Furthermore, Mr. Lande puts emphasis on FXCM Stocks offering a unique potential opportunity for retail traders to benefit from their commission-free trading. Alongside the access to top of the line trading technology from two global market leaders.

Moreover, Robert Lande says that these new services leaves them expecting their new clients to be able to benefit from competitive pricing as well, on top of efficient execution speeds and lower transaction costs during the trading process.

The introduction of commission-free trading, alongside onboarding clients with MaxxTrader, will certainly carve a path to a brighter future for FXCM Group

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