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by David on April 7, 2020

ATFX Receives New Payment Method Through Trustly

ATFX, a UK based brokerage firm that has been offering a variety of services and tools to traders around the world since 2014, has recently announced that they now support payments through the use of Trustly.

Trustly Group is a fintech company that is based in Sweden. The company provides its users with an additional payment method that allows customers to pay directly from their bank account. It was originally founded in 2008 and provides the said service through the use of PayPal and TransferWise.

ATFX already provided a plethora of options for payments and withdrawals to their clients, and this recent addition will only further bolster its options, something the managing director of ATFX, Wei Qiang Zang, commented on as well.

The managing director believes that this partnership of theirs with Trustly shows that ATFX makes an effort to improve their platform and the trading experience that they provide to their userbase.

Furthermore, he puts emphasis on the fact that this will simplify the depositing process for their European clients, allowing them to do so directly from their bank accounts.

Trustly solves an issue that had frequently plagued wire transfers. This way, funds no longer take days to be transferred and instead instantaneous, on top of being a reliable alternative to other deposit methods.

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